In circumstances when a company may have an in-house marketing team but requires consultancy and guidance for a particular event or campaign, SSJPR will offer this service on a day to day basis.

Our professionals will provide expert advice in all areas of PR, marketing or event planning and organizing. Stephanie is extremely experienced in each aspect. Our consultancy can be provided on a temporary basis for a fixed fee.

By hiring SSJPR on this basis, our clients have access to a deep level of expertise that might be more financially feasible for them than if they were to retain our services on a long-term basis.

Following a person to person meeting and establishing the client’s objectives, we will decide if consultancy is an option that is likely to bring results. We will prepare a report and presentation if we are engaged.

Example case: whereby our client retained original artwork that was used for a globally successful album, we advised on the PR and publicity surrounding its sale which stretched over a 3 month period.

We regularly advise clients on marketing procedures regarding product development and deal specifically with matters that require guidance on internal communication procedures as well as frequently advising on re-branding and website design.

SSJPR … at the heart of all influence