SSJPR specialises in Luxury Lifestyle, Sport, Charity and Talent Management. Stephanie has extensive experience in these areas and selects from her team of specialists to work with her, depending on campaign and brand demands.

Across all services SSJPR will provide a complete range of integrated brand development and communication techniques. We will create innovative campaigns using a combination of: strategic planning, exposure, brand alignment, copywriting, digital social media management, event planning, partnerships and cross marketing opportunities, sponsorship, VIP collaboration, design, crisis management and public affairs.

Public Relations is all about reputation. It exposes results of what you do and say and what people say about you.

SSJPR will look after your reputation and influence others’ opinions and behaviour towards your brand. We will develop and maintain your company’s identity.

We will plan, organize and manage special events and attract the attention of specific audiences.

SSJPR will research, evaluate, gather and analyse facts. We will effectively communicate and encourage everyone in your organisation to become good communicators. We will work creatively to ensure that your exposure is the most effective and good value for money.

SSJPR … at the heart of all influence