SSJPR will be involved in all aspects of your marketing, ensuring consistency and clarity. Our focus will be on raising awareness of your brand. We will typically target consumers but also channel marketing partners.

We will contribute to the development of long-term marketing plans, help you manage budgets and support your Marketing Manager.

SSJPR will undertake market research to assess demand and your brand position. We will monitor competitor activity. We will prepare your business to react to the market’s rise and fall and to move with the growing trend.

We will hold meetings to liaise with your stakeholders, customers and suppliers. We will manage the production of marketing materials and proof read all copy.

We will oversee the updating and maintenance of your mailing database.

SSJPR will plan, co-ordinate and attend events and exhibitions. We will communicate to everyone involved to ensure they are fully informed throughout the progress.

We would argue with the small business theory that marketing is a means to manipulate or ‘trick’ consumers. We believe the opposite is true: The real definition of marketing is to ensure that your business is providing products that people want or need, which is exactly why managing a marketing process is essential.

SSJPR believe that marketing is the essential function that links your business to the customers’ needs. It’s about getting the right product or service to the right people, at the right place and at the right time.

SSJPR … at the heart of all influence