SSJPR will help you plan, co-ordinate and manage your event. We will manage the lead-up and the event itself if appropriate.

We will promote the event, manage the invitation process, co-ordinate responses and liaise with all suppliers involved to maintain an up-to-date position.

SSJPR will organize the production of your event from conception through to completion. Stephanie has worked on many various types of events from small parties of 6 to audiences of over 1,700. We will communicate clearly and pay attention to every detail ensuring that your event runs seamlessly.

We will produce detailed proposals including budgets, timetables, venues, suppliers, staffing, car-parking facilities or traffic control, security, first aid and media. We will observe the venue’s legal, health & safety requirements or insurance obligations.

We will help to plan the room layout, the event programme and performers’ schedules.

We will attend your staff briefings and help you plan your staffing requirements. We will liaise with designers to create a brand for the event and organize the supporting material.

SSJPR will oversee the dismantling of the event.

We will be responsible for post-event hospitality, evaluation and prepare reports for event stakeholders.

SSJPR … at the heart of all influence